Why You Should be Focused on Digital Marketing for the Charleston SC Market

If you are still utilizing old advertising methods like print or television ads, you are throwing your money right down the drain. Let us focus on the ineffectiveness of television ads, some of the most costly forms of advertising in the world. You pay a small fortune for a 15 or 30 second spot, then hope your target audience is watching. The trouble that you face right out of the gate is that these folks are all utilizing their DVR to blow past commercials, basically never even seeing your spot regardless how impressive you think it may be.

Charleston SEOHere are a few reasons you should be considering digital marketing to reach your target audience brought to us by Charleston SEO guru’s at onQsites.com.

Marketing Via the Mobile Phone
If you want one good reason to be marketing to your audience via mobile devices, then here is a stat that will blow your mind. More than 80% of the country now own a mobile device, and these people are online for hours a day. One statistic says that these people spend over an hour a day checking into their social media platforms every single day. Imagine if you decided to do some digital marketing through one of those social media websites. Your audience is coming to you every single day, you just have to reel them in with creative and compelling ads.

Moving Towards Localized Buying
A few years back, when potential buyers would do their searches online, they would simply enter search terms like pizza or dry cleaning, then scour through the results. Today things have become more localized, and you have the opportunity to grab a huge share of the business if you understand how this works. Buyers today use their mobile devices to find pizza joints by speaking into the search on their phone and asking for a local pizza joint in Dallas Texas.

Marketing Through E-Mail
Set up a sign up box on your website and encourage visitors to join a mailing list for discount coupons or promo codes. Now you can market to them once a day through their mobile messaging system, keeping your business in front of them each day so they always think about your business when they are needing something that you sell.

When it comes to digital marketing, making small changes to your keywords to include more localized search words will allow you to appear at the top of the list when local buyers are looking for products or services you sell.

Ensuring You Make the Most of Your Boat Purchase

If you buy the right boat, you could have countless hours of fun in the sun with family and friends creating  memories that will last a lifetime. Boatmo.com in a recent discussion in our private forum meeting suggested the following tips will ensure you are getting off on the right foot on this exciting journey.  Take this advice before heading out to those boats sales.
Boat for Sale
1. Spend time now purchasing a boating magazine subscription to get up on everything boating. Each issue is packed with tips and tricks to have more fun on the water.

2. Consider all the benefits to buying a used boat. Not only is the boat slightly used and may still have the manufacture warranty, you could score a ton of extras like upgraded stereo system, upgraded engines, new trailer, and all the fishing and safety gear you need to get started.

3. Take in a local boating show and really speak with all the booth representatives about your concerns or questions owning a boat. here is your chance to speak with professionals in this field who are there to help you make the most of your purchase.

4. Call your friends who own boats and see if you can go out with them for a few weekends to get your sea legs and really see if you are in love with this lifestyle and all it brings to the table.

5. Start setting aside some cash today for all the expenses that come with owning a boat. Things like insurance, fuel, maintenance, fishing gear, safety equipment, repairs, storage, and even a trailer are not cheap.

6. Take a safety training class at your local recreation center. You are in charge of the safety of your passengers, so now is the perfect time to get all the information you need to make each boating adventure a safe one.

Now that you are informed about the ways to ensure you make the most of your boat purchase, get out there and enjoy your time on the water.

Charleston SC Buyers Ask: What Are Real Estate Rebates & How to Get One?

Charleston Real EstateIf you are not yet familiar with the real estate rebate and you are going to be in the market for buying a house, then you found this information at the right time. There is no qualifications other than your realtor offering the rebates, so financial background checks, no credit checks, it is a matter of you asking your real estate agent. If you are working with an agent when shopping for your Charleston homes for sale who does offer these rebates, you could walk away from closing with several thousand dollars as a result.

What is the Real Estate Rebate?
The real estate agent who sells the home for a homeowner gets paid in commission. Depending on how much commission they make, they can in turn offer a buyer a rebate for working exclusively with this agent. Before you sign any contract, ask the realtor if they are willing to offer you a rebate at closing for buying through them. There is nothing to fill out, this is basically you getting a small cut of their pay. Because the realtor is giving up part of their commission, they do not aggressively advertise this practice, so it is best to inquire first before assuming every realtor offer the money at closing.

How Much is the Real Estate Rebate?
The price of the real estate rebate does vary. The commission percentage the realtor gets from the seller will affect the amount they can in turn offer you. On average, if you are buying a $300,000 home, you could expect your real estate rebate to be $2,500.00 or more. The rebate is of course negotiable, so make certain you are on the same page with your realtor.

How Can I Spend My Real Estate Rebate?
One of the best things about getting a real estate rebate is that you can use the money any way you choose. In most cases you are getting the cash at closing, so you probably have nothing but link in your pockets after paying all those costly closing costs. Use your cash windfall to stock up the refrigerator for a few weeks, pay the moving company to unload your furniture, or pay all those mounting utility deposits before all your services are officially turned on in your name.

The key here is to be working with a real estate agent who is actively handing out these rebates, if you assume they all do, you may find at closing you are not getting those thousands you were counting on.