Why You Should be Focused on Digital Marketing for the Charleston SC Market

If you are still utilizing old advertising methods like print or television ads, you are throwing your money right down the drain. Let us focus on the ineffectiveness of television ads, some of the most costly forms of advertising in the world. You pay a small fortune for a 15 or 30 second spot, then hope your target audience is watching. The trouble that you face right out of the gate is that these folks are all utilizing their DVR to blow past commercials, basically never even seeing your spot regardless how impressive you think it may be.

Charleston SEOHere are a few reasons you should be considering digital marketing to reach your target audience brought to us by Charleston SEO guru’s at onQsites.com.

Marketing Via the Mobile Phone
If you want one good reason to be marketing to your audience via mobile devices, then here is a stat that will blow your mind. More than 80% of the country now own a mobile device, and these people are online for hours a day. One statistic says that these people spend over an hour a day checking into their social media platforms every single day. Imagine if you decided to do some digital marketing through one of those social media websites. Your audience is coming to you every single day, you just have to reel them in with creative and compelling ads.

Moving Towards Localized Buying
A few years back, when potential buyers would do their searches online, they would simply enter search terms like pizza or dry cleaning, then scour through the results. Today things have become more localized, and you have the opportunity to grab a huge share of the business if you understand how this works. Buyers today use their mobile devices to find pizza joints by speaking into the search on their phone and asking for a local pizza joint in Dallas Texas.

Marketing Through E-Mail
Set up a sign up box on your website and encourage visitors to join a mailing list for discount coupons or promo codes. Now you can market to them once a day through their mobile messaging system, keeping your business in front of them each day so they always think about your business when they are needing something that you sell.

When it comes to digital marketing, making small changes to your keywords to include more localized search words will allow you to appear at the top of the list when local buyers are looking for products or services you sell.